Nazima Kadir, the principal, is an anthropologist with a PhD from Yale  with over 20 years of experience conducting and applying anthropological research.

Her book, “The Autonomous Life,” published by Manchester University Press, was based on 3.5 years of living and working in a squatters community in Amsterdam and shortlisted for the BBC Ethnography award. It was featured on Radio 4 and Wired magazine.

Early in her career, Nazima worked as an investigator of police misconduct in New York City.  She then earned a Fulbright scholarship, interviewing Asian domestic workers in Cyprus. After teaching English language in Uruguay, she went to graduate school. In academia, her fieldwork and writing were funded by  grants and fellowships, including the National Science Foundation’s Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant.

While forever a New Yorker by temperament, Nazima currently lives in London with her husband. She reads too much and not enough at the same time. She believes in exercising one’s cultural citizenship by constantly engaging with the arts and the humanities.

Header photo credit: Christina Thomopoulos/Embros